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Our breeder aim is to breed the Weimaraner, which will respond to standards in view of exterior, nature and hunting characters and are not burdened by inherited diseases. High priority is the quality for us, not quantity only. Copulation is planned by foreign connection. Advantage will be splendid visage, good character and excellent natures.

     The puppies will grow up directly in our family and maximum care is dedicated to the puppies and their mother. They will be fully socialized, suitable for education, exhibitions and to the next breeding.

     Our puppies go out from us to the new owners between 8 and 9 week of his life. During this time they are after basic vaccination and are periodically wormed. All of them are tattooed, eventually chipped. If the future owner want, the puppies can be docked or not.

     We provide new owners of our puppies by wide breeder service, whose part is our help in training, education and preparation for exhibitions. Every time rest on owner, if and in what size will use our offer.

     We are searching the new owners for our puppies and try to search such ones, who will for them fellow, who will give them his love and will do with them any activities for their nice life without any bore. We are preferring an interested persons, who wants the dog as the family member. We don’t want for our puppies to be permanently placed out of house. We will select a new owners very carefully, we will ask one visit at minimum to have the maximum warranty the puppy will be in the best hands. The new owner will receive from us, together with puppy, the Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Vaccination, Contract of Sale and short instruction about meal methods, nutrition and tips, how to get familiarized with the new dog friend.

     We will be happy, of course, if the new owner will be interested to participate at exhibition of any examinations with his doggy.


If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me by e-mail


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