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29th December 2007 We made a dash for last hunting on the year on Saturday, organised by Hunting fellowship Nemojany. My husband together with Bonnie participated at several huntings in the past and I said to myself: if the last, so together with Eliška.

Eliška had a chance to show, what she knows and I must say, she did not frustrate me. She searched like more experienced Bonnie, she worked perfectly. She was very commended by all. She brought hunted cock well, but it was not surprise for us, because she can retrieve just fine. This is in her genetic traits and will be pleasure to prepare her to the examinations. The day was frosty and all was white like in the story. After the hunting we all were invited to the local pub to eat a delicious slumgullion. In tombola we won nothing, but whole day experience was above all. Our babies were very tired and we knew nothing about them during the whole evening. They were in their dens and slept and slept....


17th November 2007 We made a dash together with Eliška on Saturday to Prague (CZ) to participate at International Dog Show. Eliška was entered to the junior class. She competed well and pleased me. She was evaluated by very promising 2 (2/8).

In Junior class were altogether 8 bitches, three of them were the sisters from litter E from Sirius Nova  breeding kennel and all three were the best.

During afternoon we competed for the Best Breeding kennel title as the member of Sirius Nova breeding kennel. From twenty breeding kennel participated we had qualified to the short list and placed at third position. It was the day of successes.

The big thanks to our friends and family, who were present at the show and supported us.

9th September 2007 We participated first time together with Eliška at Nationale Dog Show in Brno (CZ). In round of the puppies together with Eliška were next five bitches of the Weimaraner. Quite big participation and competition. All of them received from Judge the very promising 3 (3/6).

26th May 2007 We start to write our web pages today. Today is the Great Day for us. We took in from Litvínov to our Bonnie the small girl friend named Enchanted by Elita Sirius Nova. Already driving home we decided, she will be our small Elite, Eli, Eliška. The first meet of our girls was quite non-confidental from the side of Bonnie, but after few days they became the inseparable friends.


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