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PF 2013

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2014 to all our friends around the world!!


15th November 2013    Bonynka  11.4.2004 - 13.11.2013

You will stay in our hearts forever, farewell our dear, our faithful friend...


12th November 2013

Our beloved girl Babette (Eliška x Tomi) is free of hips and elbows displasia: HD A/A, ED 0/0  >>>>

6th November 2013   Double CACIB Praha 2 - 3.11.2013

The exhibition had premiere at Connie Claire (Eliška x Dante). In the class of puppies she received from Mr. Judge VERY PROMISING. Thank you for an excellent presentation of Jitka.

6th October 2013   CACIB České Budějovice (CZ) 5.10.2013   PHOTO

Judge: Ing.Jozef Jursa (SK)
Babetka: working class: exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB

The exhibition had premiere at Cay Colette (Eliška x Dante). In the class of puppies she received from Mr. Judge VERY PROMISING with beautiful evaluation.

Thank you for an excellent presentation of Monica -Cay and Jitka with Tara (Connie Claire) for a nice day.


22th September 2013     CAC show Bytom (PL) 22.9.2013

Judge: Akeksander Skrzynski (PL)
Bead Babette z Lulečských lesů: exc.1, CWC and


8th September 2013     Blood Exams - Švábenice 8.9.2013

Bead Babette:  1st Prize 113/124 points!!


7th September 2013     National Dog Show Brno (CZ) 7.9.2013

Judge: František Šimek (CZ)
Babetka: working class: exc.1, CAC -
started Champion of Czech republic!!!


31th August 2013     CAC show Chorzów (PL) 31.8.2013

Judge: Janusz Opara (PL)
Babetka: working class: exc.1, CWC

28th July 2013    Club Forest Exams Vracov (CZ) 27.7.2013

Bead Babette 1st Prize  (234/240 points)-4th place
Beau Braidy:  
2st Prize  (226/240 points) - is a stud dog!!!


25th July 2013    Cay and Ceedee in new homes

The last female and the male are in new homes. Cay Colette (Miss Orange) lives in České Budějovice and Ceedee Clark (Mr. Green) in Vyškov.

On Wednesday, it was three months, when she came into the world our eight puppies. They all live in new families, they have a great owner and in new homes have to absolutely sensationally. They are all very skilled in learning cleanliness, some already respond to basic commands, to grow and gain weight. I have great joy, but also of the owners who regularly inform me and send photo.

14th July 2013    Water Exam - Těšany 13.7.2013

Bead Babette - Water Exams 1st Prize  90/100 points!!

9th July 2013    DOG FESTIVAL CACIB Velká Ida (SK)  6.-7-7.2013

6.7.2013  CACIB Velká Ida

Judge: Erdös Lázsló (HU)
Babetka: intermediate class: exc.1, CAC -
started Champion of Slovakia!!!
Bredík: intermediate class: exc.1, CAC


7.7.2013  CACIB Velká Ida

Judge: Jan Ryk (PL)
Babetka: working class: exc.1, CAC
Bredík: intermediate class: exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB

1th July 2013     Coreen and Connie are in new homes

We said goodbye with two puppies. Coreen travel in Humpolec, where it will be with his owner Gabčou and Connie (Tara) with Jitka and Martin in Veltrusy.

 21th June 2013     It's time for goodbyes

Puppies are gradually goes to new homes. Last weekend he drove Cargo Caesar (Denny), Coudy Calwin (Conny) and Cloe Cecily (Cesitka).


At home we have 4 puppies, but soon we'll say goodbye


12th June 2013      Puppies 7 weeks    PHOTO

On Sunday he left the first boy Count Camelot - Arty into a new home in France.

6th June 2013    Puppies 6 weeks    PHOTO

Yesterday we were with their pups at the Veterinary Clinic for MVDr.Pospíšil. All puppies are healthy.

All carried out vaccination, chip and tattoos.

Soon we will say goodbye to them. On Sunday goes to France a boy with a dark blue collar  Count Camelot - Arty.


31th May 2013   Puppies 5 weeks    PHOTO

The names of our puppies:

Count Camelot: male - dark blue collar: owner: France
CeeDee Clark: male - green collar: owner: CZ
Cargo Cesar: male - light blue: owner: CZ
Coudy Calwin: male - brown collar: owner: CZ
Connie Claire: female - purple collar: owner: CZ
Cloe Cecily: female - yellow collar: owner: CZ
Corren Celeste: female - red collar: owner: CZ
Cay Colette: female - orange collar: owner: CZ


26th May 2013   CACIB Nord Bohemia Canis Litoměřice (CZ)

25.5.2013 CACiB Litoměřice

Judge: Hana Kunfalvi (CZ)
Babetka: intermadiate class: exc.1, CAC - 
finished Junior Champion of Czech Republic!!!


23th May 2013   Puppies 4 weeks    PHOTO

Puppies are back a week earlier. We started to feed the puppy milk and biscuits, pellets soaked in milk or broth, chicken meat. Now we wear them almost daily to the garden, it's our little explorers. Puppies wormed twice now. Weight table here

15th May 2013   Puppies 3 weeks    PHOTO

The puppies have become pretty savage. They run the box, growling, biting himself and mother - is a lot of fun with them. Weight table here


12th May 2013    Bredík - nominee breeding


Weimaraner Speciality 2013 - Bechyně (CZ)
Judge: MVDr.F.Šimek: Beau Braidy: intermediate class: exc.1, CAC, nominee breeding!!



CACIB Opole (PL) 28.4.2013
Beau Braidy: working class: exc1, CAC


9th May 2013  Puppies 2 weeks   PHOTO

All puppies at us staring blue eyes. Clumsy attempts of the first steps are funny, more frequently from cases heard growls and other vocal manifestations. Weight table here


2th May 2013  Puppies 1 week     PHOTO

Puppies have completed the first week of life. All care is the mother  Eliska, baby only feeds and gain weight. Weight table here


25th April 2013  Puppies are born

We have so much in love puppies!!
25/26th April 2013, in 63 day pregnancy, the birth to 8 babies Eliška in the ratio of 4 girls and 4 boys. All are doing well, the careful mother Eliška.



20th April 2013   Eliška is 60th of pregnancy


17th April 2013   Beau Braidy’s  successful weekend

13.4.2013  CAC Ostrava (CZ)

Judge: Luděk Müller (CZ) -  intermadiate class: exc.1, CAC


14.4.2013  CAC Czestochowa (PL)

Judge: Andrzej Mania (PL) - working class: exc.1, CAC - started Poland champions!!!



9th April 2013   Eliška is 49th of pregnancy


17th April 2013   CAC Pápa (HU) 6.4.2013


Judge: Dr.Miklós Levente (HU)
Babetka: intermadiate class: exc.1, CAC - 
started Hungarian champions!!!
Bredík: intermediate class: exc.1, CAC -
started Hungarian champions!!!


18th March 2013   Eliška is pregnant

After months of waiting for this wonderful message we have had - Eliška will have puppies! At today's ultrasound we calculated the doctor Pospisil 6 puppies. Let yourself be surprised how many pups are born per month.






(Puppies go to new home in April)



15th March 2013   CACIB Katowice (PL) 15.3.2013


Judge: Giuseppe Alessandra (IT)
Babetka: working class: exc.1, CWC -
started Poland champions!!!



25th February 2013    DUOCACIB  Nitra (SK) 23.2.2013

Beau Braidy (Bredík): intermediate class: exc.1/3, CAC - started Slovakian champions!!!


23th February 2013   Mating in Poland

20. and 21.2.2013 mating (ICh Enchanted By Elite SN) and Dante (Ch Camelot's Some Like It Hot). The mating was no problem and we believe that in two months to be born healthy puppies!!


4th February 2013    DUO CACIB BRNO (CZ) 2.2.-3.2.2013

2.2.2013  CACIB Brno

Judge: Ing.Miroslav Stanovský (SK)
Babetka: young class: VG
Bredík: intermediate class: exc.1/5, CAC, r.CACIB -
started Champion of Czech Republic!!!


3.2.2013 CACIB Brno

Judge: Kristin Tar (UKR)
Babetka: young class: exc.2/7
Bredík: intermediate class: excellent


6th January 2013    National Dog Show Brno (CZ) 5.1.2013

Judge: MUDr.František Nahodil (CZ)
Bead Babette: young class: exc.1/6, CAJC, BOJ
Beau Braidy: intermediate class: exc.2, r.CAC


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