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PF 2013

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2013 to all our friends around the world!!


(Puppies go to new home in April)

Ch Camelot’s Some Like It Hot


IntCh Enchanted By Elita Sirius Nova „Eliška

More information about Litter "C" planned


19th November 2012   Great news from Slovenia

On Saturday Volt (Blaster Boy) passed the autumn hunting exam and he is now officially a working dog! He got the highest points in the group! The judges spoke highly of him, said he is an amazing working dog.

Volt only need a physical examination and x-ray of his hips, and then he will be a stud dog!


We are happy and proud of him. Eva, Tine, great work, thank you!!!


5th November 2012    DOUBLECACIB Praha 3.11.-4.11.2012

3.11.2012   CACIB Praha

Judge: RNDr.Petr Dvořák (CZ)
Babetka: young class: exc.2
Bredík: young class: exc.1, CAJC,BOJ


4.11.2012 CACiB Praha

Judge: Václav Koldinský (CZ)
Babetka: young class: exc.1, CAJC -
Bredík: young class: exc.1, CAJC -
finished Junior Champion of Czech Republic!!!

22th October 2012    CACIB Komárom 20.10.-21.10.2012    PHOTO

20.10.2012   CACIB Grand Prix Komárom

Judge: Taťjana Urek (SLO)
Babetka: young class: exc.1, CAJC, JBOB - started Junior Champion of Hungaria

21.10.2012 CACiB Derby Komárom

Judge: Arja Koskelo (FIN)
Babetka: young class: exc.1, CAJC -
Junior Champion of Hungaria!!!
Bredík: young class: exc.1, CAJC, Derby Winner - started Junior Champion of Hungaria


15th October 2012    CACIB České Budějovice, CAC Zabrze - Poland


13.10.2012  Internatoinal Dog Show České Budějovice (CZ)

Judge: ing.Lenka Fialová (CZ)
Babetka: young class: exc.3

14.10.2012  National Dog Show Zabrze (PL)

Judge: Jan Ryk (PL)
Babetka: young class: exc.1, CAJC, JBOB


30th September 2012   CAC show Intercanis BRNO (CZ) 29.9.2012

(Judge MVDr. F. Šimek, CZ)

The success of our B litter in young class:
Bead Babette: V1, CAJC
Beau Braidy: V1, CAJC, BOJ


Started JCh CZ!!!

23th September 2012   SPECIALITY CLUB SHOW 15.9.2012 - TELČ (CZ)

Babetka: young class: excellent 5/14

Bredik:  young class: excellent 2/7

20th August 2012   We have the first JuniorChampion!!

IDS  Duodanube Bratislava,SK 18.-19.8.2012: Beau Braidy third CAJC completed his first JuniorChampionship, we have a JuniorChampion SK. We are proud of you and good luck to the others....

10th August 2012   Puppies are 1 year old

Babette, Bea, Braidy, Volt, Baddy we wish you a happy and long weimar years and all owners of children Eliska and Tomi by thank you for caring and dedicated to them!


20.7.2012  National DOG Show CAC

Judge: Attila Czegledi (HU)
Babetka: young class: exc.3/7
Eliška: champion class exc.1, CAC, Slovakia Winner 2012


21.7.2012  Internatoinal Dog Show CACiB

Judge: Jan Ryk (PL)
Babetka: young class: exc.2/6
Eliška: champion class exc.2, r.CAC


15th Juny 2012   Water Exam Brankovice, CZ

Beau Braidy:   1st Prize (83/100 points) age 11 months


24th Jully 2012    IDS Intercanis BRNO (CZ) 23.6.2012     PHOTO

Babette: young class: Exc2 (Judge l. Müller, CZ)

Beau Braidy: young class: Exc2


16th Jully 2012    Autumn Exam (HZP) Tesany, CZ

Bead Babette:   1st Prize (277/300 points) age 10 months

Beau Braidy:     1st Prize (281/300 points) age 10 months


10th Jully 2012   XVIII CAC show Racibórz, Poland     PHOTO

Babetka for the first time in Poland: young class: winner class, JBOB (Judge: L. Müller, CZ).

This first success started the Poland Juniorchampion.

1th Jully 2012   Why??

...it came as a bolt from the blue. A cell phone rang Tuesday morning and plaintive little voice tells me...Garpíček died.

Everything we feel, express the Mila words: "Never coming, is safe with me from head to toe, you never hear from you his "songs"...never never...I see him everywhere, pictures of me returning back to when we were together and happy ".

We're so sorry. It was a wonderful dog hunting talents, we had big plans for the future. We'll always remember the dog with a white collar, which in its short life did so many people happy. In dog Heaven sends mother Eliška sweet kiss for Garp and Julinka.


20th May 2012   CAC Hrušica (SLO)

Volt (Blaster Boy) had a successful day at Hrušica Slovenia. For the first time in the class young with titles CWC, JBOB, BOB and BOG2. Congrats, bravo!!!


20th May 2012   Weimaraner  Club - Club Natural Ability test - 19th May 2012 - Vazany

Babet, Garp and Brad participated in Natural Ability test  by Weimaraner Club. Everyone fared in their 9 months very well and placed in the I. price!

Big thanks include Jaromír Gratcl, who had been preparing for these tests.

Two weeks ago Volt (Blaster Boy) passed his spring hunting exam (PZP) in Slovenia. He got 52 of 60 possible points (the best score was 54 points). Volt got the second best score. He was the youngest dog there (all were at least one year old, or more). Congrats Volt, Eva, Tine!!!

15th May 2012   IDS Bratislava (SK) 12.-13.5.2012    PHOTO

Saturday: Judge MVDr.Vladimír Piskay (SK)

Babette: junior class: excellent

Eliška: champion class: CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualif.

Garp and Bred: junior class VG


Sunday: Judge ing.Cristian Stefanescu (RO)

Babette: junior class Exc2/6

Eliška: champion class CAC, CACIB

Bred (Beau Braidy) junior class: Exc1, CAJC, started JCh SK

Garp (Bright Barry) junior class: Exc2/3



14th April 2012  PHOTO

In her free time to dedicate to training our 8 monthly Babette.


Today: CAC Ostrava Beau Braidy-BRED: puppy class - very promising 1 (Judge L. Müller CZ).



5th April 2012   Birthday


Today, it is already five years ago, saw the light of the world excellent litter E from the Kennel Sirius Nova, from which comes our Eliška.

So today has Eliška its 5. birthday and Bonynka April 11, already the eighth!

Our girls, we wish you happy and happy dog's life and a lot of joy in our family!!


20th March 2012   Regional Dog Show of Vyškov 17.3.2012     PHOTO

At this dog show, is converted in the puppy class I was grown up Babetka, Bredík, and Garp (judge ing.Leoš Jančík, CZ).

Bredík (Beau Braidy) VP1

Garpík (Bright Barry) VP2


Babetka (Bead Babette) VP1 and in the final competitions (judge Zdenka Jílková, CZ) the winning bitch BIS puppy and BIS puppy!!!


10th February 2012   Half a year ago....

Today, it is already half a year when Eliška a Tomi born puppies. All are doing very well. With all I am in constant contact. Babeta, Garp, Bred, Volt have already an show opening in succession of live reports and valuation VP1.

Babetka, Bred and Garp began hunting training in Těšany..


Volt (Blaster Boy) in Slovenia with Eva and Tine


Beinka (Bea Brittany) with family Resner


6th February 2012   DUOCACIB Brno 4.-5.2.2012    PHOTO

On the show in Brno (CZ) successfully demonstrated our puppies from litter B (Eliška x Tomi).


Judge: MUDr.F.Nahodil (CZ) our Babetka (Bead Babette) - baby class very promising2 and Garp (Bright Barry) - baby class very promising 1.

In the working class, demonstrated our Eliška (mother of puppies), won again the beautiful review and title CAC.



Judge: MVDr.V.Piskay (SK)   Garp (Bright Barry) - baby class very promising 1.

Thank you for the great Milca and Garp demonstration and all friends for a wonderful Saturday.


28th January 2012   Wintershow CACIB Trencin, SK

On Saturday the CACIB Trenčín was show premiere also our Babetka (Bead Babette). In the baby class (judge: M.Stanovský, SK) won a very promising.


In the afternoon of the final competition of the BIS BABY (judge: M.Gundiš) stepped into the TOP 5 of Best baby at CACIB Trencin, SK (1350 dogs entered). I'm very proud of my girl cute!



16th January 2012   CACIB Ljubljana 15.1.2012


VOLT (Blaster Boy Z Lulečských lesů), very promising 1, best baby.


Bravo Eva, Tine, Volt!!



Katja Jarc -handler



9th January 2012    The first show of our boys


At the national dog show in Brno 7th January 2012 exhibition had premiere  our two puppies (Eliška x Tomi). In the class of the baby he joined GARP (Bright Barry) - very promising 2 and BRED (Beau Braidy) - very promising 1.

They both presented very well and they got from the Poland judge  (ing.Siejkowski l.) beautiful report.

Thank you told Miluska and Marketka for the presentation of both the dogs and I wish good luck to the other shows.

GARP (Bright Barry) with Miluska

BRED (Beau Braidy) with Marketka



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