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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2018 to all our friends around the world!!


Dreams should be filled not only at Christmas .... or ... I did it again!

OLINKA - Oops I Did It Again Sirius Nova - she is the new weim baby in our family.

This amazing little girl is in the co-ownership of Weim Kennel Sirius Nova. From us, great thanks to Simona for the confidence he has in us and especially to my husband, without which the dream would be just a dream

11th December 2017    DUO CACIB Nitra (SK)  9.-10.12.2017

Delly's successful weekend on a two-day International Dog Show in Nitra.

9.12.2017  WINNER SHOW
Judge: Jana Janek (SK)
Champion Class – Ex.1/4, CAC - finished
Grand Champion SK

10.12.2017  SLOVAKIA CUP
Rozhodčí: Wojciech Burski (PL)
Champion Class – Ex.3/4

6th November 2017    DUO CACIB Prague  4.-5.11.2017 (CZ) 

Delly's successful weekend on a two-day International Dog Show in Prague.

4.11.2017  CACIB Prague
Judge: Ing.Zita Krepsová (ČR)
Champion Class – Ex1/4, CAC, rCACIB

5.11.2017  CACIB Prague
Judgeí: Hana Ahrens (AT)
Champion Class – ex2/4, rCAC

Successful boys from the litter F (Babett x Fred), 9 months in junior class:
Ferry Finn z Lulečských lesů - Ex3/5
Filip Frisco z Lulečských lesů - Ex4/5

Thanks Pavlínka for handling  and congratulations to all....

22th October 2017     CACIB Komárom (HU) 20.10.2017


Judge:  Dr.Tesics György (HU)

Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů - Champion Class: Exc.1, CAC - finished Grand Champion and Show Champion of Hungaria !!




CARGO CAESAR z Lulečských lesů "U"

Mother : C.I.E. Enchanted By Elita Sirius Nova, HDA/A, ED O/O

Father: Ch Camelot’s Some Like It Hot, HDA/A, ED O/O

 Date of birth:  24.4.2013
height: 68 cm, weight: 40 kg
complete teeth, scissor bite, without white markings
Speciality Club Show: CAC/4, candidate ChCZ

Autumn Exams (HZP) 1st prize

All-round-exam (VGP) 1st prize (468/492 points) 

Contackt: p. Miloš Poslušný +420602414091



8th October 2017   IDS České Budějovice  (CZ) 7.10.2017


Judge: Tibor Havelka(SK)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Champion Class - Ex.2



4th October 2017     DOPPEL CACIB Tulln (A) 30.9.-1.10.2017


CACIB 30.9.2017

RJudge: Dr.Otto Schimpf (A)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1, CAC  -


CACIB 1.10.2017

Judge: Mag.Branislav Rajic SLO)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1, CAC



26th September 2017     Successful weekend


CAC Intercanis Brno (CZ) 23.9.2017


Judge: MVDr.Miroslav Kalich (CZ)

Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů - Open Class: Ex.1, CAC

Freya Foxy z Lulečských lesů - Puppy Class: VP1 - for the first time in the ring!!


CAC Komárom (HU) 24.9.2017


Judge: Csépai István (HU)

Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů - Champion Class: Ex.1/2, CAC, BOB


Thank Pája and Vivien for great handling!!


Our progeny - 8 months old

(CIE, CIB Bead Babette z Lulečských lesů x Ch Dianas ArgentumMercury Quicksilver)

23th August 2017       DUO Danube Bratislava (SK) 19.-20.8.2017

Delly in the champions class for strong competition has made both days absolutely great!!

19.8.2017  CACIB
Judge: Šormaz Duško (RS)
Champion Class – Ex.2, rCAC, rCACIB, BOS

20.8.2017  CACIB
Judge: Ing.Josef Jursa (SK)
Champion Class – Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


23th July 2017      Water Exams - Těšany 22.7.2017


Diamond Delly:  1st Prize 91/100 points!!



16th July 2017      NDS Mladá Boleslav (CZ) 15.7.2017


Judge: MVDr.František Šimek (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1 , CAC, CAC CMKU, NV, BOS



5th July 2017      NDS Klatovy (CZ) 1.7.2017


Judge: Helena Dvořáková (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1


Juniorhandling: 1.place!



25th June 2017     IDS Brno (CZ) 24.6.2017

Judge: Luděk Müller (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Honore Class – Ex.1

Juniorhandling - 3.place!

13th June 2017      CACIB Székesfehérvár-Agárd (HU) 10.-11.6.2017

10.6.2017  CACIB
Judge: Tapasztó Sándor (HU)
Champion Class  – Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Delly   starded 
 Grand Champion of Hungaria !!

11.6.2017  CACIB
Judge: Jana Janek (SK)
Champion Class  – Ex.1, CAC, rCACIB

23th May 2017     IDS Litoměřice (CZ)  20.5.2017


Judge Ing.Jiří Formánek (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1, CAC


24th April 2017    CAC  Mosonmagyaróvár (HU) 23.4.2017

Judge: Jana Janek (HU)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.1, CAC, BOB  -
Delly  finished CHAMPION OF HUNGARIA!!




IDS České Budějovice (CZ)  22.4.2017


Judge: Luděk Müller (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Working Class – Ex.2, rCAC



 IDS Praha (CZ)  15.4.2017


Judge: Václav Koldinský (CZ)
Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů: Champion Class – Ex1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOS.

Delly finished International show champion C.I.E. and  International beauty champion C.I.B.








10th April 2017   NDS Ostrava  8.4.2017 (CZ)

Rozhodčí:  Hana Kunfalvi (CZ)
Champion Class – Ex.1/2, CAC, CAC ČMKU, NV, BOS -
Delly finished Grand Champion of Czech Republic.

DUO CACIB Bratislava  1.-2.4.2017 (SK)

Diamond Delly z Lulecskych lesu

2.4.2017  CACIB Bratislava
Judge:  Mitra calin (RO)
Champion Class – Ex.4

1.4.2017  CACIB Bratislava
Rozhodčí:  Tatiana Urek (SLO) 
Champion Class – Ex.


27th March 2017    Bye, bye puppies

Felly Faith - Koryčany, CZ

Fantasy Freen - Croatia

Felix Floss - Jihlava, CZ

Ferry Finn - Ústí nad Labem

Filip Frisco - Praha, CZ

Freya Foxy - Olomouc, CZ

Fred Flamer - Bratislava, SK


16th March 2017    Puppies 7 weeks   Photo

Puppies are gradually goes to new homes.

9th March 2017    Puppies 6 weeks   Photo

3th March 2017    Puppies 5 weeks   Photo

22th February 2017    Puppies 4 weeks   Photo


All puppies from litter F  are reserved!!



The names of our puppies:

Filip Frisco (male) - green collar
Ferry Finn (male) - violet collar
Fred Flamer male) - blue collar
Felix Floss (male) - brown collar
Fantasy Freen (female) - pink collar
Felly Faith (female) - red collar
Freya Foxy (female) - yellow collar


15th February 2017    Puppies 3 weeks   Photo

The puppies have become pretty savage. They run the box, growling, biting himself and mother.

Thank Bara and her sons for a visit and patience during the shoot. Looking forward to next time.

9th February 2017     Puppies 2 weeks    Photo

All puppies at us staring blue eyes.  Clumsy attempts of the first steps are funny, more frequently from cases heard growls and other vocal manifestations. Today was the first time puppies wormed.

6th February 2017       DUO CACIB Brno  4.-5.2.2017 (CZ)   Photo

Delly's successful weekend on a two-day International Dog Show in Brno.

4.2.2017  CACIB Brno
Judge: MVDr.František Šimek (CZ)
Champion Class – Ex.1
/4, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB, BIG 2 - finished CHAMPION OF CMKU, started GrandCh CZ, Cruft's qualification 2018

5.2.2017  CACIB Brno
Judge: Jana Janek (SK)
Champion Class – Ex.1/4, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB

Thanks Pavlínka for handling  and congratulations to all....

1th February 2017   Puppies 1 week     Photo

Puppies have completed the first week of life. All care is the mother  Babett, baby only feeds and gain weight .

25th January 2017    We have so much in love puppies!!    Photo

With great pleasure and pride we present F litter from kennel z Lulečských lesů.

Proud parens: CIE, CIB Bead Babette z Lulečských lesů "U" x  JCh, Ch Dianas Argentum Mercury Quicksilver.

Babett gave birth (24.1.2017) to 7 beautiful and healthy babies ( 3 girls and 4 boys). We are happy everything went well and puppies are lively and active.

16th January 2017   DUO CACIB NITRA 14.-15.1.2017 (SK)  Photo

Delly's successful weekend on a two-day International Dog Show in Nitra.

14.1.2017  New Year Show Nitra
Judge: Ing.Josef Jursa (SK)
Working Class - Ex.1 CAC, r.CACIB -

 15.1.2016  Winter Show Nitra
Judge: Viera Vítková (SK)
Champion Class - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - started
GrandCh SK

Thanks for a great weekend and congratulations to all....

8th January 2017   CAC show  BRNO (CZ) 7.1.2017     Photo

Judge:   MUDr.František Nahodil (CZ)

Diamond Delly z Lulečských lesů - Champion Class: Ex.1, CAC, NV CAC ČMKU, BOB.  

Delly finished Champion of Czech Republic.



Babett is pregnant!!

Travel to Croatia for Fred (JCh, Ch Dianas Argentum Mercury Quicksilver) was successful. Today, December 19, 2016 was confirmed pregnancy of our Babett. Mating 23.-25. November 2016 and the puppies should be born around January 25, 2017.

We really look forward to the puppies and the excellent care for our pregnant girl.



our friend Mr.Graham James, Babett, Fred and me

ultrasound 27 days pregnancy


We plan Weimaraner puppies litter F  - winter 2016/2017


JCh. Dianas Argentum

 Mercury Quicksilver  Fred"

C.I.E., C.I.B. Bead Babette

z Lulečských lesů  „Babett“


In winter 2016/2017 we plan in our kennel second litter around our beautiful and super working girl Babet. Dog for Babet we chose very carefully and we decided to use a young dog, who still has no offspring. We believe that through his blood and working potential will not only benefit in the Czech Republic for breeding!
Mercury is a young dog with a very interesting blood, which so far has no offspring, and our mating will be his first in the Czech Republic. Mercury is among the best working dogs in Croatia, is regularly used in practice. His character is friendly and very handy.
We believe that this combination will not only bring puppies with excellent exterier, but mostly very good working babies with inborn talents.





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