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8th December 2009 To this year exhibition we travelled to Kassel in Germany. Here from 5th to 6th December to days exhibition was held.

On Saturday Eliška received excellent 1, VDH and CAC and on Sunday in Champion class again excellent 1, VDH, CAC and CACIB. So one successful show yet and she will fulfil the conditions for German Champion title.

From 17th to 18th October was held National Dogs Show in Brno (CZ). Eliška received excellent 1 and CAC in open class. Contest for National winner was between Sirius Nova only.

8th – 11th October 2009  World Dog Show Bratislava (SK)

At this prestige World show we participated last day only, when FCI 7 was evaluated. Weimaraner breed was evaluated by Judge Mr. Hans WIBLISHAUSER from Germany in Circle No. 48.

Eliška participated in working class (16352) and in great rivalry received excelent 1, CAC (1/12). This is unbelievable victory for us, what we very appreciate.

During final competition we run as the Sirius Nova Breeding Kennel member and between great numbers of groups (Weimaraner were four) we have placed as third best breeding kennel in the world!!!  Foto

28th September 2009 During week end we participated at two days International Dogs show in Slovenia. Eliška got nice evaluation from many hundred kilometres trip. First day – CACIB Celje – working class – CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3. By this third CAC she fulfilled conditions for receiving the Champion of Slovenia title.

On Sunday – CACIB Celeia – in working class again: CAC, r.CACIB. And because this is the fourth championships in order, she received the next evaluation: Multi Champion!

 15th September 2009 We are back again and we complete successes from exhibitions of our Elita from champions class:

22nd August 2009 only we two participated at Regional show in Brno (CZ), where we received Class winner, Regional winner, BIG1.

29th July 2009 We are late to inform you about news from competition pack. On Saturday 18th July we early morning went to Oberwart in Austria, where Eliška received CAC, r.CACIB and the same result repeated again during Sunday´s show in Szombathely in Hungary. By these two titles we have fulfilled conditions in both countries for this year. Maybe next year we will able to finish the Championships.

We all four travelled from Hungary to Croatia, where we used the sun and sea.

1st July 2009 Last Saturday in June we spent together with Eliška in near Brno (CZ), where was held International show. This exhibition we took as common event, where we, after longer period, meet of our friends. In the circle we were in great number.

The Weimaraner was evaluated by Mr. L. MÜLLER and Eliška received from him CAC, r. CACIB in working class.

24th June 2009 From 13th to 14th June we participated at two days dogs show in Erfurt in Germany. On Saturday during national show evaluated Dr. Wilfield PEPER from Germany and Eliška in working class received excellent 1, VDH, CAC title and confirmed the waiting for German Championship.

During International show on Sunday, where Mr. A. R. R. DOEDIJNS from Netherlands evaluated, Elita repeated her Saturday´s success excellent 1, VDH, CAC, r.CACIB.

5th June 2009 During National show in Senec (SK), Eliška received third CAC in champions class (Mr. Josef HORVÁTH from Slovakia evaluated) and fulfilled the condition for title Grand Champion of Slovakia.

Her exhibition career in Slovakia was very successful: JuniorChampion became in age of 13 months only, Champion in 20 months and GrandChampion in 26 months.

She received 4x CAJC, 6x CAC, 1x r.CAC, 3x r. CACIB, Junior Winner, JBOB, JBIG3, 3xBOB, 2x r. BIG. To Slovakia we will return again during October´s World Show in Bratislava.

20th May 2005 May was started by exhibition again – in Slovakia. At National show in Banská Bystrica (3rd May 2009), evaluated by MVDr. F. ŠIMEK from Czech Republic, Eliška received the first CAC from Champions class and started waiting for Grand Champion of Slovakia.

Next CAC and r.CACIB run one week later during International Dogs Show in Bratislava (SK) 9th and 10th May 2009. During Saturday exhibition day evaluated Mr. M. STANOVSKÝ from Slovakia and on Sunday Mr. S. Szabo from Hungary, who gave r. CAC to Eliška.

Immediately after the exhibition we went to Balaton, where we had planed of our relaxation holiday. The holiday we finished by two days International show in Budapest (16th – 17th May 2009). First day was evaluated by Mrs. M. GAYÁRFÁS from Hungary and Eliška obtained r.CAC in open class, on Sunday from Mr. L. ERDŐS from Hungary obtained CAC, CACIB and by this success she started next Championship.

21st April 2009 Show information. On 4th April we participated together with de Donawitz girls at International Dogs Show in Weiselburg (A). Our expedition was for all of us successful again. Judge Mr. Erwin DEUTSCHER from Austria evaluated and our Eliška received excellent 1, CACA, CACIB from intermediate class.

On Saturday 19th April we went to Czestochowa in Poland, where National Dogs Show was held. Eliška received from working class the CWC, the Best Bitch of the Bred, BOB, BIG 3 evaluation from judge Mr. A. SKRZYŃSKI from Poland. By this 3rd CWC she fulfilled the conditions to receive Champion of Poland title.

At the beginning of April we visited of MVDr. SNÁŠEL in Brno (CZ) and we decided, Eliška will be reviewed for cubital and coxal joints dysplasia. Immediately after RTG doctor informed us, the result is excellent.

Today we have the official certificate: Elbows 0/0, Hips A/A.

26th March 2009 Short late info from the last week. We travelled to the exhibition again. This time to the International dogs show, which was held in Katowice in Poland from 20th to 22nd March. Group 7 was evaluated by Mr. Tadeusz CHWALNY from Poland. Eliška received excellent 1, CWC in intermediate class and confirmed the waiting for Champion of Poland.

9th March 2009 The news from show barrel again. On Saturday morning we went together with Lenka towards to Graz in Austria. Here was held the International Dogs Show. Very pleasant judge, Mr. Milivoje UROSEVIC from the Serbia and Montenegro, evaluated Elita by excellent 1, CACA and subsequently r.CACIB in open class.

4th March 2009 Last week end in February we travelled to Zagreb in Croatia, where two days dogs show was held. We travelled together with Lenka and Gina and thank them to pleasant common party.

On Saturday Mr. Mio FURY from Croatia evaluated and Elita received in intermediate class excellent 1, CAC. Next day she received from judge Mr. J. MATYÁŠ from Slovakia in the same class the excellent 1, CAC, r.CACIB evaluation. By both evaluating she started waiting for the Champion of Croatia.

The sunny afternoon after the exhibition we spent together with the Shefiskovic kennel near Sava river banks.

9th February 2009 Last week end was exhibitory again and very successful. In the Brno (CZ) exhibition area was held International Show DUOCACIB. On Saturday Eliška received in open class excellent 1, CAC, CACIB subsequently and she was awarded by Qualification Crufts 2010. By this victory she finished the Czech Championship and became the Champion of the Czech Republic.

On Sunday we were not able to repeat the success from Saturday. Eliška was the second and received r.CAC.

26th January 2009 On Saturday morning we travelled to Trencin (SK) to the International Dogs Show and wished to obtain the title and finished the adult champion. Last year, Slovakia was very favoured for us and we never returned without some title. Eliška was here the Junior Champion in 13 months of her age.

Eliška participated only one in intramediate class, received excellent 1, CAC and finished as the first from “E” litter the Slovakian Championship.

 13th January 2009 The exhibition season we started at National dogs show in Olomouc (CZ). Our breed was evaluated by judge Mr. Andrzej MANIA from Poland and Eliška received in open class r.CAC. Thanks to all for pleasant company, especially to Iveta and Kristýnka with their Isa for pleasantly spent evening before the exhibition.



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